I know a lot is being said about dairy and do not have it in the diet . What about organic grass fed home made kefir - should one stay away from that if battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as an adult or small grandchildren in reg diet ?

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Dear Madam,

I would like to introduce a study I became aware of just recently:

S2099 Persistent Damage to the Gut Microbiome Following Messenger RNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine


The American Journal of Gastroenterology 117(10S):p e1429-e1430, October 2022.

DOI: 10.14309/01.ajg.0000865036.78992.16

Hazan, Sabine MD; Dave, Sonya PhD; Barrows, Brad DO; Borody, Thomas J. MD, PhD, DSc, FACG


And a hearing:

Public Health Committee Public Hearing


and the related

Public Health Committee Public Hearing - Protocol

Connecticut - Feb. 19, 2020



The man:

Dr. Larry Palevsky - Pediatrician

Northport Wellness Center - 19.02.2020 - his lecture and Q&As from page 195 onwards.

The keyword: nanoparticles


To note: Mr. Del Bigtree was invited as well - please refer tp page 135

Del Bigtree And the Connecticut General Assemby - Committee on Public Health - Vaccine Policy


Timestamp 2:14

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Amazing that we all know autism is predominantly is caused by all the vaccines. It is so obvious but we look to other causes. Ridiculous. And then to pitch de-tox cures is all the rage now. Both sides of this want to make money. It is amazing to witness. Snake oil from both sides. Sad really.

Drs are mostly in not for our health. Only use em got things that are a must cause they all will find something to cure. Our bodies will do that when we treat food as medicine as the Bible clearly states.

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Vaccines contain toxins that cause antibody production but of course they cannot contain “viruses.” It’s so weird that Sherri sneaks this idea into almost every article. Sherri, you and to Cowan go back as colleagues. I know Tom is correct. Do you think Tom is wrong about “viruses”? I’ll forward your article to him and ask him for comment. It’s absurd you continue pushing the fake virus narrative, even in the slightest way when you say vaccines contain viruses. “Enough” is what you said to me recently, and I reflect the comment back at you. Enough with the virus pushing, until the myth is proven in science (not church)!

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We stopped vaccinating my daughter at 6 months after a terrible rash following vaccination. At 19 months she was not walking and did say any words. A friend gave me pure body extra and I started giving it to my daughter not expecting it to do anything. Within 2 weeks she was walking and talking. Shortly after we stopped dairy. She is now 2 1/2 and so incredibly smart I often wonder what could have happened if I would have listened to dr recommendations and think of all the children out there whose parents do.

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"Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom" page 81. .."the aluminum content of the brain tissue taken from donors who died with a diagnosis of autism was shockingly high". These donors were teenagers and young adults "these small packets of intracellular aluminum were approximately 1 micron in diameter". The author Dr Exley speculates that the aluminum was carried to the brain from injection sites by housekeeping cells like lymphocytes and macrophages. For more information on the potential ways to sequester and drain the aluminum out through the kidneys, I recommend reading the book.

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Does anyone know if I can take this while having some mercury fillings? Thank you

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The newest thing that has is being approved for consumption by the USDA. Italy studies shows it causes turbo cancers even though Bill Gates said the animal cancer cells didn't affect humans. Of course the government loves his money more than protecting the citizens. I do find it humorous they don't feel the same about the vaccines that also cause turbo cancer though.


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Can a person who is on peritoneal dialysis take the gut and cellular detox product

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