This world targets anyone and everything. Makes you feel ill sometimes.

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beyond being uncool, vaping remains a potential vector for all kinds of unknown substances...including substances which cause covid-like symptoms.

this happened in 2019


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I think cigars and pipes are better, but vaping is okay if you pick the right vaping solution to use.

There are many benefits for a little nicotine and there are other compounds in tobacco that are very protective.

Nicotine increases testosterone in men, and people who smoke are far less likely to get Parkinson’s, just a few possible benefits to this 100% vilified substance.

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What about these Cannabis oil Vape pens the kids are using these days?

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PG = propylene glycol

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Popcorn-lung for the win.

Also, we love you. That is all.

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Vaping is for those that believe they will live forever, or as a "healthy" alternative to tobacco. That's not in evidence. It's a ridiculous assumption, since the user can't know what is in the poison being consumed.

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This is a direct quote from Aluminium researcher Dr Chris Exley.

NOV. 29, 2019. Science

RE: An unnoticed issue with e cigarettes

CHRISTOPHER EXLEY Scientists Keele University

While research focuses upon myriad e liquids used in vaping less emphasis is placed upon the instrument that delivers the liquid as a vapour. We have reported that significant amounts of aluminium are released by heating elements used in many e devices ( https://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/27/4/359.responses ). Serious quantities of aluminium deposited in lung tissue must represent a cause for concern.

The problem of release of aluminium from heating elements was recently highlighted in a paper in the journal Anaethesia ( https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/anae.14673 ). The release of aluminium from heating elements is an as yet unrecognised serious issue in human exposure to aluminium ( https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2013/em/c3em00374d#!divAb... ).

If anyone is future interested in the levels measured I can find that for you. Good luck

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Thankyou, Dr. Sherri. I was a teen in the early 70's and remember the whole controversy over cigarettes. I didn't have my head in that world, since my family and most of our social circles did not smoke. So I lost track of developments after absorbing the advertising message that e-cigarettes would help a smoker gradually quit smoking. I did not know that vaping was the use of e-cigarettes, and did not know why there was a rise in all these vaping shops everywhere. I feel educated now. Thank you for that!

But I would not recommend seeking health benefits from any kind of smoking, as I do know what happens to women in particular, probably to men as well. Wrinkled facial skin--major. And "smoker's cough/voice change" In women, the voice becomes very husky and masculine sounding (drops low), usually accompanied by the occasional rattling cough. I know when I'm talking to a former smoker by those signs. Also, usually almost underweight. How much smoking of natural tobacco happens before these damages begin? There are so many other better (safer, cleaner) healthy foods/drinks. Why take chances? By the way, cigarette smoke stinks to high heaven. Smokers leave terrible smells behind in their cars, motel rooms, and houses/apartments. Rooms have to be repainted. Is that only the chemicals or the smoke or both?

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I LOVE my vape. It’s almost like I’m miserable without it...they should make a word for that.

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Why the drive to smoke in the first place?

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Nov 11·edited Nov 11

There was a formatting issues with this table even after adjusting.

The first number is cigarettes per year versus 2nd number the average life expectancy "

South Korea 1,667 V 63

Germany 1,600 V 82

Japan 1,583 V 85

Tunisia 1,580 V 75

Croatia 1,579. V 79

Azerbaijan 1,526 V 74

Spain 1,499. V 57

This selection shows some countries with very similar cigarette use to Japan.

If only Spaniards could smoke more cigarettes, they would live as long as....South Koreans!

R2 for life expectancy by country is 0.1442. (A good correlation would be 1) so studying smoking effects by country is not a good use of an epidemiologists time. References used.

Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_consumption_by_country

worldometer. https://www.worldometers.info/demographics/life-expectancy/

I had to remove some countries because of slight mismatches in the countries listed

I ended up with 201 countries for the coefficient of determination calculation.

There is a study on Pubmed showing that Japanese men would live longer if they didn't smoke. But this effect is very similar for all countries and not a surprise to most of us.

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A common fallacy is that "The poison is in the dose". Often attributed to a Swiss doctor Paracelsus in the 16th century. That's the chap who recommended mercury for syphillis. This theory forms the basis of the idea that toxic substances are suitable for use as medicines and injections or even to be inhaled. Very tiny quantities of poisons can be harmful especially if they accumulate or interact with other compounds. We don't know what these levels are in many cases. Tiny amounts of certain metals, whether "heavy" like mercury & lead or "light" per aluminum can accumulate over time. Fluoride is a known very potent poison but they get away with saying 0.5 mg/L water is healthy. .. there is actually no control of the "dose". Who really knows where it accumulates? Some now speculate that a whole range of poisons can accumulate (especially those that the body did not evolve to deal with over millennia) and that if you can't excrete them via the gut, kidneys or sweat, vomiting etc, then the body's response is to sequester these poisons into what we call "tumors".

Back to the topic... for metals and organic compounds inhaled via vaping it's not the amount per vape; it's how much accumulates & where the body puts it (and interactions) that should be considered.

There is no evidence my body is suffering from a deficiency in any of the poisons Dr. Tenpenny so carefully and eloquently listed, therefore I don't find it necessary to inhale fumes from smouldering plants, whether or not they are organic or gluten free! For more on Paracelsus see "What Really Makes You Ill". Pg 9. Thanks for putting up with my rantings. Cheers

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SO grateful for you and your research.

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Nov 12Liked by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Interesting, and scary. Thanks for posting. All those chemicals remind me of another off-topic hazard to our health - fracking. As much as we need energy independence in our country, I can’t get on board with a myriad of chemicals pumped into our earth. It would be so blessed to respect our bodies and the earth that God gave us.

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But think of the financial benefits the Medical Industrial Complex gathers in from more sick people.

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