This must be where the alpha-gal red meat allergies are coming from

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How horrific to kill Preborn Cows in such a heartless and cruel way.

Oh, yeah, and don’t forget how they kill your Preborn Human Brothers and Sisters, either.

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Hello: Something I discovered regarding beef. I picked up this trick from Karen Kingston, a pharmacological analyst. When I go to purchase beef at grocery store, I place a magnet on the package. The magnet sticks. The only packages magnets don’t stick to are the Kobe-type beef. According to Ms. Kingston, this magnetism is caused by graphene oxide. I think graphene oxide, if consumed, acts as tiny razor blades in the blood vessels. Correct me if I am wrong.

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And I was worried about some little old mRNA.

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Satanic potions brought to you by the Pharmakeia Inc. ( φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ ) sorcery...

Satanic Pfizer:


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Have you come across peanut oil used in any vaccine production?

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Let’s not forget about pet vaxes too

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My daughter did not speak until past three years old. She also had a dairy allergy. My wife had to avoid all dairy while breastfeeding her. She is okay now but we learned our lesson not to get any vaccines the hard way.

I read that the cow proteins can lead to a problem with folic acid due to the production of an antibody to the cow proteins in the vaccines. This substack author has written about it a couple of times. The theory seems to fit well with what my child experienced.


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Wow. Saving this on notes and sharing.

Thank you Dr. T ❤️ Thank you for your devotion to educating us. Very much appreciated!

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The wicked elites have always called the masses cattle.

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Thanks Sherri. For your investment and the article.

With such complex witches brews it is easy to narrow ones' vision on the headline items like Mercury and Aluminium. And the known harms.

But the explosion in allergies has many causes.

Plotkin cutting up unborn babies, live. These demons doing the same to unborn calves.

Seems to be no limit to their inhumanity.

Shows just how strong the control mechanisms are, that ostensibly smart people are still pushing these poisons. 30 pieces of silver, to one and all.


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Much like abortions, I believe "vaccines" are related to Moloch/bull worship:


vaccine (n.)

"matter used in vaccination," 1846, from French vaccin, noun use of adjective, from Latin vaccina, fem. of vaccinus "pertaining to a cow" (see vaccination). Related: Vaccinal; vaccinic.


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Thank you for putting this together Dr Tenpenny. Horrific and inhumane.

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“At the very least, this disturbing information should raise huge concerns regarding animal welfare and animal cruelty…and make you question what is coming through that needle.”

Absolutely, Dr. Tenpenny. And if you haven't already seen these, you might be interested in these articles by Jon Rappoport from 2021 on human fetal tissue and vaccines:





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I am a citizen who questions, researches and comes to a conclusion about, whether or not, these vaxes and/or experimental jabs are of any real and “healthy” value.

I simply do not understand the sheep-like mentality of anyone, especially parents of vulnerable children, that gleefully line up to accommodate the murderous dollar intent of the pharmaceuticals.

If wise people see the intent, refusal to accommodate this disgusting vaccination protocol will end the draconian quest for huge financial profits!!

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Do you suppose someone out there is trying to make humans allergic to beef?

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