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Great article. Thanks for all your work. PEMF can also be a great help with detox and more efficient cellular uptake. The work of Dr. Magda Havas shows this.

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I remain skeptical of the extent of the hazards posed by EMF. Although I have no medical training, I do, in fact have an STEM degree (computer science) and for my military enlistment worked at facilities that had RF generating equipment such as microwave links. More on this below.

Note that by no means do I deny that exposure to EMF (also called RF energy) doesn't pose risks -- to some people, for some level of exposure. In fact, that is my main "evidence" of harms that RF may cause.

Although I never worked on the actual radio equipment, the risks to technicians has been known for many decades, back into the early 20th century. Exposure to high-power radio frequency can heat body tissue just like a microwave oven, but probably to a lesser degree. Cataracts and sterility were two risks I recall. There are probably more.

Major point: there should be studies dating back a long time that would have examined the occupational risks and impacts on health of microwave technicians and others with similar occupational exposure.

But exposure at the (I'm assuming!!!) very, very low levels commonly experienced by the average consumer? Of these, I am much more dubious.

Is there a correlation between power lines and health risks? Perhaps. I first heard about this in the early

1980s. The father of a childhood friend worked on EPA contracts. His expertise was multiple factor analysis. Mr. X observed that there are many, many factors to consider and that one should not jump to a conclusion e.g. it must be the EMF causing a higher incidence of cancers among those who live close to major power lines. But wait just a minute. It's affecting kids, you say? Well, what else do chidren do? Don't they play outside? Yes, they do. And what other activity is often seen along power line rights of way? How abouot spraying herbicides, just to name one? Herbicides are a known risk factor (not just to herbs!).

Oh, by the way, I find it amusing there is rarely any mention of microwave ovens as RF source in the home. Yet nearly every home and office has one, and that's been true for decades.

At least the author offers some common sense suggestions: You cannot do much about a nearby cell tower irradiating your area, but you should have near-total control over what's inside your living spaces. No need to return to the 19th century. If you're concerned about RF/EMF risks, just minimize your use of such device and/or keep them as far away as practicable. Using a cell phone too much has risks distinct from EMF, such as distraction of what's going on around one, repetitive motion injury, eye problems, as well as claims of pyschological harm from simply spending too much time online.

Anyway, I remain agnostic on the risks posed by our everyday electronics.

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EMR's can and do and have a negative effect on living beings, including animals. I am extremely sensitive to them. Really, the only proven affective way to protect ourselves from them is

physical shields. I am skeptical of all companies that claim they can have an affect by attaching some device to interrupt them.

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Thank you! I'm going to implement your mitigation suggestions!

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This is an amazing report! Thank You, Dr Tenpenny for the excellent information presented here…and for your tireless work helping humanity! Forever grateful to have found you in Jan 2020 with info on the bioweapon jabs! ❤️

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Here is Substack piece on EMF from Robert Yoho MD (ret), "Surviving Healthcare"...


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Great information DR Tenpenny, thank you!

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The inverse square law proves that electromagnetic radiation can be avoided by separating oneself from its sources.

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Thank you for this information.

Out of all the health/bio hacks that are out there in the mainstream, mitigating the EMF from my phone and wifi router have been among the most beneficial.

- Better Sleep

- Improved Focus

- Better Mood

One of the best things I can do for my productivity is to go out to the middle of nowhere without my phone for half an hour to an hour.

Having a communications background in the Marine Corps and being aware of what frequencies are harmful I was always perplexed at folks willingness to adopt 5G for their daily use.

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Thank you for this, Sherri, I've been hearing about EMFs for years and never really knew what they were. It's very helpful!

But I also want to say what a surprise it was to meet your colleague here in Cumberland! As I was leaving a restaurant, I stopped to tell this beautiful woman how much I liked her dress but before I could open my mouth, she said the same to me. She had noticed my book, Whitney Webb's One Nation Under Blackmail, and one thing led to another, I sat down and we shared wine, dessert and conspiracy theories. And that, of course, was your colleague's wife in the beautiful dress ;-)

What a small world in a small town!

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Great to see this topic getting the long-overdue exposure it deserves. WiFi, Cell Phone EMFs, Dirty electricity are a scourge destroying the health of this tech-addicted generation. Walk under the new streetlights with their 5G transmitters in store parking lots or along the streets of any upcoming 15 min city, and if you're EMF-sensitive, you'll feel the ringing in the ears, pressure in the head etc. We're allowing ourselves to be microwaved, but no one wants to rain on the party by addressing this elephant in the room. And so we continue to allow ourselves, our children, our animals and even plants, to be immersed in this genotoxic electro-frequency soup. This is off-the-scale in hospitals and schools, where our most vulnerable community members are found. Our office buildings are the same. THIS IS NOT SMART TECHNOLOGY. It is completely insane, and people will soon see it is now our virtual prison.

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I'm EMF sensitive and feel my skin burning especially with wifi. EMFsol products helped me almost instantly as soon as i began using

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The infernal towers certainly cause a lot of symptoms:


It's not "only" cell towers. Neutralizing radiation exposure sounds optimistic to me:


The latest forms of the technology don't even require towers:


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Hey Dr. Tenpenny! I really liked this article, is there a way I can get in touch with you?

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