Well, I for one have always believed AJ is a shill. for the nwo. but that's me. I do believe that American's are brainwashed and don't think much in regards to "lots of things" and that Mr. N *guess* is a part of that whole scheme/agenda. I am not going to get into an argument here, those who are convinced otherwise and believe we need to support that other country at our own expense are wholly ignorant and that's their right to be that way. for me and mine? WE support America and know differently, wakey, wakey. even Jesus warned us...............God bless America.

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It's a shame about AJ, but he puts his mouth in gear before engaging his brain. IW has put out a bunch of cr@p focusing obsessively on da jooz, da evil z10nists, especially Chris Menahan's "Information Liberation". I would think that someone who relies on the Bible so much would know Genesis 12:3. Sorry, same problem with Mike Adams. These are people who contract a disease at some point in their lives, called "the Jew thing", and the rest of their pitiful lives are spent blaming 0.2% of the world's population for their distress.

This very podcast called recently for praying for Lebanon, which was allegedly being subject to a genocide. I asked for an explanation of this alarming allegation; none was forthcoming.

I heard no calls for prayers for Israel, which is under regular bombardment from Hezbollah in Lebanon. They did something impermissible: to fight back against the jihadists.

Nor were there any calls for prayers for the hostages kidnapped by Hamas, among whom are American citizens.

I hope that those who claim to believe in God will study and revere God's original revelation to the world: the Hebrew Bible. God always enforces Genesis 12:3.

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I have friends that live in Lebanon or have family there (Northern part of country). They have 1-2 hours/day of electricity, no health care and not much food. I've been told that 80% of the people who live there are supported by family outside the country.

As a general rule, we don't discuss in public forums re: Israel, but what is happening in Gaza is horrific.

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