The movie Frankenstein is starting to make sense.

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Wow! Thank you for this stack! Sharing widely!

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another piece in the puzzle to see a part of the greater picture...

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Very interesting story. Thank you. Glad to see her family finally received compensation.

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Johns Hopkins is indeed a pure 100% EVIL FRANKENSTEIN HOSPITAL. If anyone followed any of them on THEIR social media feeds during the SCAMDEMIC PLANDEMIC they were observing & commenting on the wearing of the Useless Masks Wearing & getting jabbed. They did not seem to understand why Everyone just WOULD NOT OBEY!

It was at this point I decided & saw by their posts just how really vile they truly are, not to mention they are involved in much more globally! Bill Gates & the ELITES "Event 201"! Everyone should read their SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 pdf. * I suggest everyone READ & SHARE.

They have yet more vile conniving scenarios & studies to come. Here is the link To the The SPARS Pandemic Scenario [PDF] - Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/sites/default/files/2022-12/spars-pandemic-scenario.pdf

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Thank you for sharing! More details of unethical medical research on those who did not consent. Many others out there we will never know about. Sad.

Dr Tenpenny you are so appreciated as being one of those rare physicians who practice what should always be “1st do no harm”. You are doing God’s work. God will bless you for using the gift he gave you to heal!

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Dr. Tenpenny,

Thank you so much for providing us the chart of fetal cell lines--I have downloaded, saved, sent to my brother, whose wife has been involved in the pro-life movement for decades. Thank you for all of the work you do IN HIS NAME.

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I was aware of the book and the film regarding this fascinating and controversial matter. Glad to learn about this latest update about Henrietta Lacks' case and her family getting compensation.

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Creepy with a good ending for Henrietta's legacy, but bothersome that these facts exist. The medical community in their arrogance plows ahead "for science" even if it produces bad science.

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I would argue that the causes of disease can be determined without human cell lines. All it takes is simple root cause analysis methodology. The cell lines are more about developing drugs, which, if we determine root cause and treat that, is unnecessary and damaging.

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Dr Tenpenny: TY for bringing this to our attention. I put you with my #1 hero, Virologist, Bernice Eddy who Discovered (sv40) in that vile Cancer causing POLIO VACCINE GIVEN to an unsuspecting 98 MILLION Americans from 1955-63 & through the 90's for kids.

I look forward to more of your thoughts on (sv40) & (HIV) & Trump's Elderly Heroin aka modified RNA shots that he did with Pfizer $ also the maker of PAXLOVID a two pill COMBO blister pack used for COVID Treatment! PAXLOVID are HIV DRUGS! PAXLOVID is a truly DANGEROUS DRUG COMBO with over 600 Deadly Drug Interactions! Point WHY EXACTLY would the Government give away for "FREE" & No Prescription necessary (only a positive COVID test)! PAXLOVID targeting the elderly!! Has anyone seen the ADs on TV, YouTube etc ?

Our Communist led Government loves us all. Trump & Biden are the "In it TOGETHER CLUB" IMO, with the rest of the vile politicians on the State & Federal levels!

The ELDERLY were TARGETED 1st & next was our children. I have followed YOU & the other doctors Dr Zev, McCullough, Urso etc since the beginning. A fan you could say!

I was Appalled at our medical establishment for participating & going along with the "TEST TO OBEY" and infuriated at the zero use of the Repurposed Medicine "we have already!

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE and IVERMECTIN both are Safe & Effective when given early with other drugs. Both of these drugs are OFF PATENT meaning big HIV OPIOID PHARMA THUGS make zero $$ on their use! If we already have drugs that work you can NOT be forced to take TRUMP'S Elderly Heroin as I call it!

Trump & his FDA also brought you the deadly drug REMDESIVIR. FDA APPROVED OCT 22, 2020! The exact same date as the CBER data was released #6 stroke #12 death as (ADVERSE EVENTS)!

Further the use of BOTH *HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & IVERMECTIN IN "CANCER CURE" TREATMENTS! You may search this on NIH Website. I learned about that from Dr. Richard Urso, on Twitter before our doctors telling truth all got banned. Search tip: "ivermectin cancer"

"HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE cancer", all kinds of research papers come up here. Do seperate "searches" with a space between the words!

Ivermectin Cancer

A word to the wise Be VERY CAREFUL who you follow! Do your own research & SHARE information with others (especially our ELDERLY & PARENTS)!


STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES! I sure as heck had to for myself & as caregiver of an elderly (79 yr old parent) a retired Medical TRANSCRIPTIONIST w a Pace Maker/Defibrillator)! Fun! I did not back down! They hated to see me come into their office! Now they really don't want to hear my information!

Dr Peter McCullough is the only doctor thus far to post "this jab business & Cardiac Patients w PM). One infection on lead of PM results is death or if caught it must be replaced immediately. FACT! Persons with Pre-existing conditions SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER HAVE TAKEN Trump's Elderly Heroin! Period!

Everyone should be aware that the World's BLOOD SUPPLY is now infected with what exactly? True! mRNA Spike protein, strands of HIV & sv40 used in genetic code in the JABS!

No FDA APPROVED versions were given in the US & THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE (mix n match)! Federal JUDGE in TEXAS RULING!

FDA REFUSES INFORMED CONSENT on TRUMP'S ELDERLY HEROIN! FACT! That decision was 100% hunamanious! TY & I hope this post helps others!

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I have never hard of HeLa cells. Who really knows what these researchers are doing with them? Putting aborted baby fetal cells in vaccines and who knows what else is tyrannical and criminal. This is why I trust no big pharma products, not even OTC. These medical terrorists have no souls, hearts or intelligence.

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Thank you Dr. T. And there is more. As you noted, HeLa cancer cells are notoriously hard to control. HeLa cells used in labs often "jump" from one experiment's samples to another in the lab, off countertops, lab coats, or in the refrigerators—some say through HVAC systems. The results from many studies had to be discarded after a double check of, say, lung cancer cell lines were found to actually be HeLa cells that had infiltrated lab cultures without being detected.

Early on it was clear there needed to be a crusade of checking cell lines in order to keep research clean and honest; Walter Nelson-Rees' work is documented in the book A Conspiracy of Cells: One Woman's Immortal Legacy-And the Medical Scandal It Caused by Michael Gold).

Here's an interesting quote from The Immortal Life: "Only cells that had been transformed by a virus or a genetic mutation had the potential to become immortal." PCR testing is now proposed to screen study cultures for the HPV-18 strain of Human Papilloma Virus—which apparently resides in HeLa cells in perpetuity. Per WebMD, HPV-16 and HPV-18 account for about 70% of all cervical cancers. HeLa cells are virile and dangerous.

In horror I read the papers about adopting HeLa cells for use as a vaccine substrate. Can they reliably purify the extract of a vaccine culture to take out every single "immortal" cancer cell--and all of the virus that appears to drive the HeLa cells? Could a single HeLa cell which made it into a vaccine syringe multiply inside the recipient of a shot? Has anyone ever done a study to find out? In the 1950s, researcher Chester Southam began injecting HeLa cells under the skin of subjects and found that tumors formed. How much do HeLa-based vax contribute to the rise in cancer rates?

Some of the promoters of fake meat are using “pre-cancerous” HeLa cells as a substrate. Safety studies? Or do manufacturers simply ASSUME stomach acid kills HeLA cells and the virus they carry? The stars line up for a potential catastrophe.

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Like many Americans I was not aware of the use of human fetal cells in vaccines and medicines. Contamination of our bodies with foreign DNA can cause cancer. The last vaccine I had was the Prevnar 20 back in 2018. It was required to receive a cochlear implant (that or the more dangerous meningitis vaccine) which I desperately needed as I tested as profoundly deaf in both ears. As a Baptist, I am against abortion and would never knowingly contaminate my body with aborted fetal cells. I repent of this OFFENSE against almighty God. Had I understood, I would have waived liability to get my operation without a vaccine. I held fast during the CV19 following the truth-tellers from early in 2020. I will NEVER take another vaccine period.

I will never fully trust my doctors who are deliberately ‘blind’ to the truth. Doctors are NOT educated about even the basics about vaccine ingredients or adverse events and absolutely NEVER give informed consent on these dangerous products. I never received a package insert or anything else on any vaccine. Just the parroted phrase ‘safe and effective’ with no evidence this is true.

I was vilified by others during the CV19 ‘pandemic’ as an anti-vaxxer and I am still and was then happy to share the truth with others. I know SV40 is a monkey virus, simian virus, which is CARCINOGENIC thus another contaminant cause of cancer in vaccines. People do NOT want to hear the truth, their itchy ears only want to hear what they already believe to be true. The SV40 virus has been found in many of the independently tested vials of the mRNA jabs. Why is it in these ‘injections’ at all? It has nothing to offer except the risk of disease and death!

This must be seen for what it is, intentional genocide, or Democide as Ed Dowd calls it, as our very own government targets us for death, preferably preceded by severe long term illness so government agencies, hospitals, doctors and big Pharma can profit greatly from our slow moving demise. It must be stated that the massive rise in excess mortality across the globe is the only way these deaths can be understood as from the mRNA ‘vaccines’ because they are never autopsied, thus other causes of death are listed, cancer, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots and more.

The death and destruction of the health of humanity including the ability to reproduce is absolutely a crime against humanity. It is enabled by those we are supposed to trust in the medical and scientific profession who lack the ethics they swear to uphold to ‘do no harm’.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr stated this medical experimentation has parallels to what happened in Nazi Germany and he is absolutely right, as noted by Naomi Wolf whose family lost many members in the WWII Holocaust. He is attacked by the paid shills in mainstream media for speaking the truth.

I have the utmost respect for the righteous few who have spoken the truth from the beginning of the CV19 ‘pandemic’ and who have fought valiantly to save their patients and humanity, including many doctors: Sherri Tenpenny, Peter McCullough, Elizabeth Eads, Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Bryan Ardis, and so many others. Plus researchers like Karen Kingston, Judy MIKOVITS, the tireless and amazing Naomi Wolf who so eloquently gives a voice to all of us, and so many more, including doctors, nurses, scientists, lawyers, alternative media folks on the internet, politicians, priests and pastors, vaccine injured folks and moms and dads of vaccine injured kids.

Yet darkness hovers over us and I pray the truth will continue to be revealed by Almighty God and that the evil doers face justice in the courts. Join me in praying for this and for the rise of the Medical and Health freedom movement throughout the world.

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As advanced and intelligent as we think we may be, it would probably be a shorter list to expound on what we think we know as opposed to what we don't know. Why would these particular cells of hers keep replicating but no one else's (at least to our knowledge)? Not that I'm advocating it, but if they kept it hush hush how would anyone ever have known? I would love to hear what the settlement was.

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