Death at the hands of another is commonly identified as murder. Will the day ever come when Trump, Fauci, Birk, Biden, Walensky, Borla, Gates, Schwab and millions of more, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists be made to pay for their murder of millions or more trusting souls who wished for nothing more than to protect their health (against bioweapons). What compensation can millions or more deceived by Big Gov, Big Pharma, Big Tech, etc. who have to live their lives with horrifying and crippling disabilities and illness expect? It is up to us, the wise, the healthy and the lucky, to give no quarter, no amnesty, to those incarnates of evil that have devastated humanity. They must be adjudicated then punished-- hopefully by agonizing death-- to pay for their sins against humanity. It is incumbent on us to make sure that the evil are punished and humanity is preserved and secure.

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Yes. The shortage is real and not going away.. and it's not from people "migrating upwards" to follow their entrepreneurial dreams as the Wall St Journal would have you believe.

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GOD bless you Dr. Tenpenny - you're one of my favorite TRUTH Warriors. I will never stop speaking TRUTH to tyranny. I know GOD holds you in the Palm of His/Her Hand . . .

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In many places workers on unemployment are paid extra while off or have their unemployment time extended. No one wants to go back to work when they make more money staying at home.


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They locked us in our homes for over a year, then fired us for refusing the vaccine.

We figured it ourselves. We’re doing our own things.

Now collapse, corporate America, collapse and die.

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Thank you for:

1. YOU!

2. The reasons doctors still refuse to admit the truth.

3. The link to death-tracking website: https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

4. Providing such great information so concisely.

Have a great holiday, Dr. Tenpenny.

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I thought that some of the missing people might be older workers taking an early retirement, disgusted by the mandates as well as the woke race war percolating in the business world. If younger people are opting out, how do they support themselves? Are their parents supporting them? The last option is that these people are missing - no longer among us - for the reasons you described. That is an ill omen indeed. Thank you very much, Dr. Tenpenny.

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I live in a close-in suburb of DC. It is very blue here, and we are among the highest % jabbed in the country (if we can believe the statistics put out by our state).

I've had the same job the entire time through the pandemic. I work in an office. I am the only unjabbed person in the company. They put tremendous pressure on everyone to take these shots, but they stated they "would not mandate." As the last holdout, I was summoned by HR for a personal admonishment to jab. I said that my privacy is very important to me, but that this shot is contraindicated for me, and I can't get it or I might die. (this was not the time to drop truth bombs, but I was truthful). They have backed off, ever since. Since we closed, I was never subjected to mandatory testing. Everyone had to mask for a period of time. OK, that's my context.

I tried to volunteer about a year ago, during the worst time of the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" shunning. Because I was not jabbed, they said, "we don't want you."

I've thought about switching companies, but every place is requiring jabbing.

Honestly, if I had been forced by my employer: "no jab, no job" then I would have had a hard time finding a job. Even if they had "help wanted" signs up -- they don't want the likes of me!

Quite a few people hate wearing masks. During the period of mandatory masks, there's no way I would have applied to work anywhere that required all day masking.

Maybe the places that are short staffed are requiring continuous jabbing and masking, and no one wants to apply for that reason?

I am also acquainted with several people in their 20s who left "good jobs" (i.e. college education required) to follow a passion instead -- rather than put up with the oppressive working conditions (masking, jabbing) they either launched their own company (even if they are struggling financially, they do not want to go back!) or switched careers to something that has a lot more personal freedom, like working outdoors.

People don't want to be oppressed by employers anymore. No one wants to be oppressed at all. If I didn't need the money, I would find a less oppressive job, too. But my employer allows hybrid, and that has been a revelation -- I never want to go back to forced full-time in the cubicle. Why would I?

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I drove 73 miles from Olympia Wa. to my house at rush hour on interstate 5. The rush hour traffic which is normally from 4-7pm wasn't there. That's never happened in my 30 years of traveling I-5. I'm a terminated transit operator. I know our roads. It isn't just people are working from home. It's far more than that. They are gone. I'm convinced of it. Who is hiding this-- Gov, firefighters, medics, hospitals, doctors and nurses? I'd say all of them.

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It is going to get MUCH worse. Wait until the healthcare system collapses. They are all jabbed and boosted to the max. Our bus system here is cutting routes. They don't have drivers and they cant find any. All their drivers are required to be vaccinated and boosted. In about another six months our small bus system will just have to shut down because they have no one to drive the buses. This is going to happen everywhere. Factories will be forced to close. Retail businesses will not be able to operate. And wait for it... most of the funeral directors and staff are vaccinated. What happens when they get sick or disabled or die? Get your shovel out. Or learn how to operate a backhoe. Someone is going to have to dig some holes.

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Well, one of the available workers is right here - me. I have tried repeatedly for over a year to get a job but no one will not hire me. It appears that they think I am “too old”! I have very good experience & work history; and, on my last job I actually received a Merit Award because the client was over the moon that I finished the project many months ahead of schedule! Go figure……. I work well with people, they like me, & I work just as fast & accurately as any of my coworkers. And, I am reliable and have excellent references.

Unfortunately, a large group of us were laid off because the project was completed. In the beginning I job searched as though it was my job; sent out my resume to at least 100 companies & employment agencies. I had a few interviews. Everyone loved my resume - my experience, but as soon as they saw that I have an "older face” the lights went out. By the way, I am very healthy. I have no aches or pains or illnesses. Whatever……..

I should mention that there apparently are jobs at wages of less than or half of my usual earnings. At least that is what one employment agency told me. Well, my usual earnings were moderate - not a high rate, but not the lowest rate either. I earned enough to pay my living expenses & car payment with a little bit left over. I have lived in a small one bedroom apartment forever. I always buy a small inexpensive but good car & take care of it with regular appropriate maintenance. For example, my last car was a Nissan Sentra & I currently own another low priced Nissan. I drove my Sentra for 18 years & it was in great condition so that I was able to sell it. My current car is now just over 5 years old & paid in full.

I am flexible regarding the work hours and days, and the actual job duties. I would not be asking for exceptionally high wages for a new job. I would be asking for wages similar to what I have been earning, and I am willing to negotiate. I think that is reasonable.

I know it seems that I am rambling. I am trying to say that I am an ordinary person, who does not live lavishly, and have been a very good worker earning a moderate income, and I have a excellent credit rating… bla, bla, ... but for some reason companies are not interested in hiring me. I am able bodied. Yes, I can bend, stoop, twist, walk up & down stairs without assistance. I work well with all kinds of people & clients. I learn quickly. bla, bla, bla……

Bottom Line: I think there is something else going on. I have not yet determined the current employment game. Here I am willing & able to work. I dress and speak appropriately, and have the necessary experience & knowledge to do the job that I have applied for. Unlike most people, I actually enjoy interviews because I like meeting new people & learning more about the jobs & the companies. Even so, I have not been hired.

One of my friends, a woman in her mid-fifties, was laid off right before Thanksgiving. She has always been a top producer in her department and worked for the company for about 8 years. This friend has already interviewed at a couple of other companies. The 2 interviewers at one company said at the interview that they would not use resumes to hire people. Candidates' resumes would be trashed. Instead, only the information the job candidate spoke about in the interview would be used to make hiring decisions. Really? This is very odd!

On the other in-person interview my friend politely said that she was not interested in the job but would be happy to pass the info along to others. The reasons for my friend’s response: 1) the pay was less than half of what my friend had been earning for many years. 2) As my friend said to me: “The list of job duties was “a million long”.

Yes, I too had the same experience. I found some of the lists of duties for particular jobs were actually a combination of duties for what had previously always been 2 - 4 different jobs. When ever I saw such lists I wondered what the jobs really were, because no one could do all the work that was stated to be done for that advertised job.

The reason that both my friend & I have to refuse wages at half our usual earnings is because we would not be able to pay our living expenses on the limited amounts being offered. Neither one of us lives lavishly. Are companies just wanting to reduce their payroll expenses?

As I said above, there is something else going on with the job situation!!!! My friend & I can not be the only 2 people in the US that are able bodied, responsible, reliable, experienced with excellent recommendations who are willing to work!!!! In addition, we both have years of experience with various sophisticated computer software programs that we utilized every day all day for many years. And, we have worked in high volume, fast paced work environments for many years. We do know how to work, and get the work done correctly and on time!

Are companies really hiring? Do they want people who actually want to work, and know how to work? Or, are companies looking for fresh young faces that can behave like a machine…. & try to do a million job duties? What is really going on with the job/hiring situation?

About 3 months ago I decided to stop looking for a job. After the new year I will reassess & take appropriate action. Time will tell if companies are really looking for people who can & will work.

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Excellent coverage of this topic. There is a divinity which flows, with a potent and clarifying strength, through your words. Thank you. It is noticed, registered, and appreciated.

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Illegals coming in will be the NEW Workforce!!

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Perhaps some of the people who aren't working got the yabbajabba doo aka the Toxic Eggplant of Death 🍆🍆 plus Eggplant Supplemental Boosters 🍆🍆🍆

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Perhaps death by government is going to become a leading factor in the ever increasing all-cause mortality rate.

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