Thank you so much for this detailed history and for showing us how deeply evil and diabolical our government has been in the past. I’m sure some of those that were on committees drafting all these amendments thought it was all for the greater good, but to me it feels like evil. I’m thankful we live in huge country where there are more of us then there are them. I never locked down or stayed home and continued to go to work everyday. I took my vitamins, and washed my hands more and still do. Never got Covid or the flu. I’ve actually been healthier than I have been in years thanks to your sharing your supplements and wisdom. God Bless You Dr. Tenpenny. 🙏🏼💕💖

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Dr. T, thank you so much for sharing this. This scamdemic has given me the greatest opportunity to wake up. I have known you since “The Truth about...” series. I didn’t know that the deception was that deep. Thank you again for letting me learn every day!

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Global socialism - they know who we are, we have no control or say or independence.

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With this background of the WHO and what they are planning , could be the Anti Christ.

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Thank you for exposing how they have slowly implemented their evil plans of power and control. They only have power at the consent of the governed and we will NOT consent and will NOT comply! The Bible (GOD’s Law) and Constitution (Natural/Common Law) are the only laws we need and will allow. All other laws are repugnant and will be abolished and/or rescinded! Especially those made by people acting under the color of law. We will fight and use their laws against them! This is the end times for them, not the righteous. God bless Dr. T

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Thank you for the history. It really helps to know how things got to where they are today and beyond. These people and their plans, do they never rest?

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I like the way you explain things here so clearly and concisely, backed up by the documentation you provided. Thank you 🙏 for all the work you do for "we the people". I have to wonder about those who are wanting to keep track of every little cough or sneeze 🤧 that "we the people" might have; what about they themselves, what will happen to THEM should they ever cough or sneeze or have a runny nose?? Is the whole world eventually going to be confined for coughing or sneezing?? That's how ridiculous things are starting to be! Thanks again, Dr Tenpenny, for all your hard work and devotion to saving America 🇱🇷. You are in my prayers.✝️

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I can imagine what the meetings were like where the brainstorming took place to create this plan described here. Worried professionals deep in thought expressing their worst fears about natural or manmade viral disasters. Everyone facing the stark truth not much can be done in the face of a true super flu. Most doing their best to develop a plan that covers all the bases in controlling and managing billions of panicking people. It is just a natural expansion of power until you get to the dark Hand guiding all of this. He used to be the top angel in heaven long ago, but now he is scrabbling around on earth trying to take as many souls down to Hell with him before his time is up.

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My analogy regarding this concise article may look a bit-odd to some ppl, but using the biblical accounts of the Jewish Passover and escape from captivity; our discernment towards the take-over of our health & liberty, and our faith in our Creator's design is the "Lamb's Blood over our doorway".

Outspoken experts like Dr Tenpenny have helped millions of people avoid this man-made "plague"

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In 2021, Desantis signed an actual bill (S.B. 2006) which allows FORCED Vaccinations and Forced Quarantine. It is buried on Page 39 Line 1107. Prior to Desantis signing the bill I called his office and wrote a letter asking him to veto the bill. Ever since that date I have placed him on the list with the Bush family etc…. Which could also explain why the captured media is completely behind Desantis. Controlled Opposition.

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This is truly an excellent article, Dr T. Thank You very much!

It is mind boggling to reflect on how much of our taxpayer money has gone to support genocide masquerading as “pandemic preparedness”.

There has to be new legislation to take power away from the unelected Secretary of HHS!!

Thank you for this important history lesson.

If there is a silver lining to this dark chapter of covid and the bioweapon jabs, it is that more people than ever before are waking up to this psychopathic power grab through BigPharma and the WEF

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Thank you Dr. Tenpenny. You bring a lot of clarity to our situation. Sadly, there are too many that don’t believe our government could be that sinister. My response to them is - question everything.

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Thank you Dr.T.

As ever the thin end of most wedges. Start off as a sliver of whatever the wedge is made of. Then the wedge gets wider & broader as you move up the wedge.

Most wedges hatch out under the guise of public health & welfare.

We've all been lulled into a false sense of security that all of our governments, have our, the citizens, best interests & well being; at the core foundation of any & all policies.

Oh my goodness have we all been well & truly scammed by the politicotards.

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Congressional Formation Psychosis: watching fed. lawmakers "take down" numbers of people for their egregious behavior since 2019 was informative and entertaining - however, with the exception of four twitter employees informed there would be investigation, depositions, to discover if and how those 4 interfered with 2020 federal elections, the rest of the entertainment was just that - a one trick pony, no follow-up promised or inferred, except for promising Mayorkus that if he did not resign, the House would impeach, likely to prove "toothless" as Senate will not have enough votes to make it stick.

If the economy, inflation, businesses "ended", fraudulent concentrations of capital, grand larceny of the treasury, 1/2 Mil. covid deaths, 1Mil. C19 vax deaths (the list is long) was not the direct result of govt., the show would make an entertaining movie - excellent theatrics - but merely just that, a sh*t show.

I even saw a Congresswoman with vaxx induced tremors and a heart condition giving it her best to admonish some of the people responsible - impotent result but nonetheless entertainingly impressive.

Because of loss of power of those picked on, Congress people verbally berate some who are indirectly responsible (think those they can reverse bully), however FDA / CDC / Pharma / Gates/ Soros e.g. personnel are directly responsible, are conspicuously absent - presumably above the law, definately lacking Congressional attention or even a passing interest - in short, just another sh*t show.

Moreover, because congress has granted immunity and passed laws enabling EUA, they seem to believe that criminals who are in government and those who influence government are not above the law, but instead, are protected by the laws the lawmakers passed.

Let me be clear. There is no congress, past present or in the future that can pass a law which exempts anyone from prosecution by trial by jury for crime, including capital crimes. That includes all federal and state elected and appointed personnel, whatever their titles: judges, senators, representatives, district attorneys (the list is long). In my lifetime, the State of Illinois has Imprisoned at least two Governors for crime. Judges have been sent to prison for crime. And as to the Congresswoman injured by vaxx, in consideration of her position, she should Personally swear out a criminal complaint against the maker of the vaxx injected with poison into her body. This is what I call "congressional mass psychosis" aka "congressional mass delusion syndrome", meaning they have yet to "grow into the Constitution". Why? Because they have been indoctrinated by Law Schools who have perverted that sacred document, and they bought it, hook line and sinker. Congress today, is nothing more than a federal "catch and release" program - entertaining and fatally dangerous to all of us.

jeff sweet

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Your written account and timeline layout very clearly the ever-growing government control over our lives and freedoms...The Patriot Act an all must be abolished...Or, We the People Need to Say No More!

Thank you for all the hard work!

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