For those interested, here is what Cochrane.org a relatively* independent source, has to say about flu vaccines, from my notes in Oct. 2022:

Flu vaccines close to useless:


Demicheli V, Jefferson T, Di Pietrantonj C, Ferroni E, Thorning S, Thomas RE, Rivetti A.

Vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 2. Art. No.: CD004876.

Older adults receiving the influenza vaccine may experience less influenza over a single season, from 6% to 2.4%, meaning that 30 people would need to be vaccinated with inactivated influenza vaccines to avoid one case of influenza. [NNT=30]

Older adults also probably experience less ILI, from 6% to 3.5%, meaning that 42 people would need to be vaccinated to prevent one case of ILI. The amount of information on pneumonia and mortality was limited. Data were insufficient to be certain about the effect of vaccines on mortality. No cases of pneumonia occurred in one study that reported this outcome, and no data on hospitalizations were reported. We do not have enough information to assess harms relating to fever and nausea in this population. The impact of influenza vaccines in older people is modest, irrespective of setting, outcome, population, and study design.


Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults (Review)

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 2. Art. No.: CD001269.

Injected influenza vaccines probably have a small protective effect against influenza and ILI (moderate-certainty evidence), as 71 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one influenza case, and 29 would need to be vaccinated to avoid one case of ILI. [NNT 71, 29]

Key messages

Inactivated vaccines can reduce the proportion of healthy adults (including pregnant women) who have influenza and ILI, but their impact is modest.

My summary: The Cochrane summary is typical tactful conclusion. I’d phrase it a bit more bluntly: “The flu vaccine is of very limited value. There is little or no accounting for potential adverse effects.”

For further research: are there any hard numbers in the study?

Using the “Healthy Adults” study and the summary table therein, here are some figures:

Absolute risk of influenza improved from (control, no vax) 2.3% to 0.9%, an absolute improvement of +1.5%. Relative ratio as usual looks wonderful at +61%.

“Influenza-like illness” I don’t fully understand; the improvements were low, medium, high and more modest: absolute numbers varied greatly in each category. The relative improvement was about 15%, 16%, and 16%, so call it 16%.

Hospitalization was VERY modestly improved from 14.7% to 14.1% (absolute), relative +6%.

Curiously, the vaxxed group fared somewhat worse in fever and nausea/vomiting, but the absolute incidence was still very low, at worst 6.6% absolute.

Adverse effects or events: I have not searched for these, but I always assume they exist. There are almost always side effects, and they detract from the benefits a treatment offers. My guiding principle: if the expected gain is modest, as it seems to be here, and the downsides are unknown, why take the risk? It doesn’t make sense to me.

(IMO) newer flu vaxes are being made via mRNA technology – a huge red flag.

*"Relatively because while they claim to be independent, they have started to accept funding from dubious donors like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who push, you guessed, it vaccines.

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Viruses are big pharma's made up cash cow. Think about it. What an incredible evil smart thing to make up to generate billions of dollars annually. Odds are it's vaccines that are a huge part in conventional healthcare's "sick care" system. They keep you sick so they can constantly care for you.

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One more thing about this post that I think is funny but I may be making too much of based on over simplified understanding of Vitamin D. "The viruses are then weakened, called attenuated, with chemicals or UV light." If vitamin D is the biological equivalent of UV Light then its like they had to walk past a better solution to create their crappy solution when they started killing the virus with UV light.

Though I was glad to hear with these shots the attenuation is actually doing something to weaken the virus versus just culturing it a bunch of times and hoping its evolution weakens it which is what I thought other vaccines did.

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One of the reasons why I NEVER allowed myself to take a flu shot is for decades, is I thought that flu and colds happened NOT because of a contagious virus, but due to my behavior, especially diet.

I couldn't be duped into a useless and sometimes harmful vax.

Coofed 19 and the depop agenda thru toxic eggplants 🍆 (slang for vaxxes - to beat the algorithm) has really helped bring virus black magic into focus for many.

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This is why I never take the flu shot! Excellent information, Dr. Tenpenny! Thank YOU!!

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Thank you Dr. T.

If anyone who reads this article allows themselves or their children & families, to ever go near any flu shot/jab, ever again. Then know how the mindless acceptance of the covid shots/jabs happened.

Wake up people. These shots/jabs are just another part of the evil megapharmas arsenal of money generating profiteering out of human, misery, fear, terror & death.

Yes. Deaths. Caused & promoted by the megapharmas & their accomplices, the bulk of the medical profession.

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Thanking God for you Dr T for all your newsletters substacks & videos your awsome God bless you 🙏

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The issue regarding viruses is always misstated-- I don't know whether intentionally or whether the person simply cannot grasp it. It is not whether viruses exist (although those are the ramifications). It is with the experimental methods used to "prove" their existence. It is not the same thing. The methods used are illogical, sloppy, and lack controls--completely unscientific. If you actually read the methods sections of papers, you will find that these same methods are used in all of them--and this has been the case for as long as viruses have been discussed. And the millions are variants have never been proven to exist--they are the results of playing with computer-generated RNA and DNA sequences.

That something has been accepted or promoted by important people with credentials, the educational institutions, the textbooks, or the majority of the people, does not make it true.

Consider this--if viruses (and germ theory for that matter) were discovered to be false, how many careers would be ruined? How may scientists and doctors would be embarrassed for having invested so much of their lives in this? And having demonstrated themselves to be "experts" in what turns out to be nonsense? The ramifications would be overwhelming. So there is plenty of incentive to keep the narrative going.

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I left healthcare because of mandatory flu vaccines. I worked in long term care and wish, based on what I now know, that I checked when the resident received the flu shot when a sudden death occurred.

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VERY informative article. Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for your commitment & dedication to being a true TRUTH Warrior. You give me HOPE. I believe the Light of Truth will come to pass, your contribution makes a huge difference. GOD bless you . . .

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Very educational and thank you. We need to break the propaganda regarding vaccines.

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You are sincere but if a human cannot develop symptoms after being copiously swabbed and sprayed with fluids from a person with a "viral disease", then whatever the lab tests say, the "virus" is not pathogenic and the disease is not transmissible! I have taken a deep dive in a number of so-called viral diseases over the last few months and cannot find any evidence of transmissibility, not even for smallpox. Here is the latest. https://linlaz.substack.com/p/epstein-barr-virus-is-it-infectious

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Thank you Dr T! You are such a gift to the world ❤️

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Great article. Thank you. Looking forward to the next.

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We are brainwashed from cradle to grave to believe Scientism witchcraft.

We actually get sick from poisons that compromise our immune system when we don't follow God's principles for good health. Then we make things worse by injecting toxins into our Holy Temples. Satan deceives the whole world by his merchants of Sorcery however God gave you a free will choice to follow whatever protocol and kingdom you wish. Choose wisely without fear. Trust God for everything. Put on the full armor of God and use your shield of faith.

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Dr Tenpenny, do you have an opinion on B12 injections for pernicious anemia?

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