Hi Dr. Tenpenny, my millennial adult child is unconvinced of the dangers. I think the peanut allergy epidemic that is related to an older vaccine which is known to have used a peanut oil substrate (?) would help to convince her. Can you please compose a post on this topic? Many thanks.

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Sep 28, 2023·edited Sep 28, 2023

And now you know out why soy/sunflower lecithins are common food ingredients for “emulsification.”

They illicit an immune response to the food proteins by their liposomal encapsulation properties; directly encapsulating whole proteins across the membrane barriers of the body, which is not supposed to happen. Why the “sudden” onset of autoimmune conditions? Is modern science leading to isolating and purifying fatty acids, then remixing then into finished food, which transports these proteins across cell walls, forcing a buildup of foreign antigens into the intracellular environment, which leads to immune antibody production [in which ‘science’ doesn’t know what these new immunoglobulins target (and cross-react with human tissue)]?

As I responded to your other post on chemical ingredients (9-16-23), it’s way worse than you think.

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I am grateful for your in-depth analysis.

Thousands of others walk with you, as do I.

Thank you so much for this explanation of

what is happening - you are in my thoughts & prayers

& thanksgivings for your well-informed contributions.

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Thanks so much for all this TRUTH!!!

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