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I read Dr Ana's posts often, but those who write daily LONNNG substacks? It's like drinking from a fire hose. That's why I write one substack PER WEEK

BTW - This isn't about her work which everyone seems to want to tell me about. I respect what she does, but I wrote this substack in defense to that the MSM has been smearing me with for more than two years: I believe there are legitimate reasons for those magnetic pictures.

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The CIA pharma military industrial complex are experimenting with self-assembling nanoparticles. Are they causing the massive bloodclots we have been seeing worldwide?

More here; https://wakeuppeople.substack.com/p/self-assembling-nanoparticles-causing

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Go to www.anamihalceamdphd@substack.com to find out more scary effects from the Nano Technogues in the Covid Vax get a free MAC detector download for your phone, see if you, or family members are emitting a MAC request....

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I heard the graphene particles are too big and that its all bs. - I have no idea - https://iman-susan-safi.blogspot.com/2023/04/the-graphene-oxide-narrative-susan-safi.html

also this - from me - Hi Susan here is an article by Dr Mihalcea - about graphene in the injections - she's even more into it than Karen Kingston - although they are on the same page. She's a graduate from MIT I believe - I have her book - Light Medicine - an autobiography in the first part of the book - here is the article she just posted on Substack - https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/.../hydrogel-and... If this doesn't touch on the subject she has multiple articles - she publishes everyday on substack.

and the reply - Ann according to Prof. Yeadon, a world authority on these issues, there is only thus far one way to detect the presence of graphene in any given medium, and that is by visually looking at the hexagonal lattice of a single sheet of it under TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy). Thus has not been done with the vaccines because it would be too difficult to get a single sheet. There are no shortcuts, no ifs, no buts. The article you attached is totally irrelevant.

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What Was Mao.

Is What Is Now.


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Everyone, a Covid Vax Recipient? A time bomb in the Heart, waiting for stress to set it off.....

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I suspect, 5G Cell Towers, will give commands to the Humans, affected by the Covid Vax Nano Technologies, stripping away our free wills to make decisions, have you noticed personality changes in Patients who got the "Vaccines" ? Short tempered, easy to anger, rages for small things?

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Proven: through vaccines, they are injecting nano-routers, which emit Bluetooth, picked up by your phone and sent to Human ID multinational.

Those routers are powered by the EMFs around you, picked up by graphene.

Check CEVICAS channel on YouTube (though it's in Spanish)

Part of the info is translated here:

Presented by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA tech:


cut from censored youtube video of the International COVID Summit 2022 France:


time: 8:29:45

That was over a year ago. This is my latest research in my substack:

16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


Prof. Fred Nazar

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I have a friend who has become magnetized.. She never got the vaccines.

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How convenient that the US & NATO got involved in a new war with newly vaxed soldiers in a country with over 40 biolabs. Gotta wonder if those labs had large antenna arrays. If they needed to test & develop and perfect new tracking and control equipment related to graphene oxide inside of soldiers before using it to control citizens, it would be the perfect place and opportunity to do so.

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Human enzymes degrade graphene oxide:

Myeloperoxidase -- derived from human white blood cells in the presence of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide -- can completely metabolise graphene oxide in the case of highly dispersed samples.

(Remember Trump's comment about injecting bleach to treat Covid?)

Myloperoxidase is most abundantly expressed in neutrophil granulocytes, and produces hypohalous acids to carry out their antimicrobial activity, including hypochlorous acid, the sodium salt of which is the chemical in bleach

Neutrophils employ the myeloperoxidase system to generate antimicrobial brominating and chlorinating oxidants during sepsis.

Now recall that Fauci poo-poo'd NAC to treat Covid and the FDA tried to ban its sale. Why? Because NAC reduces myloperoxidase, and thus, prevents deterioration of graphene. This is bad because graphene is toxic and they want /need it to degrade after delivering drugs in the blood stream and tissues. Theoretically taking NAC if you've been injected with a drug containing graphene can lead to more graphene toxicity.

(Think of graphene as a honeycomb and the drug as honey in / on the comb. And the comb encased in a ball of fat, and the fat surrounded by a thin protective shell. Pegylated lipid Nanoparticles with a payload, a graphene coated with an mRNA drug at the center mimic eggs. And seeds like avocados. And some candy treats.

-IMO, Covid is actually symptoms of graphene toxicity, or poisoning. Graphene was found in vials of the 2019-2020 flu shot. I've also read that they have been spraying graphene oxide in the atmosphere in one of the governments geoengineering programs. So the population was exposed to toxic graphene pre-2020. Again, IMO.

There's no virus: Only toxins.

Graphene has tremendous biomedical, industrial and electric/electronic potential with trillion$ at stake. Except it's toxic. So they fast tracked it's use to solve its toxicity ASAP instead of spending a decade or more to safely solve the toxicity issue. They blamed the symptoms of graphene poisoning on nonexistent virus.

The Plandemic was/ is a multifaceted program with many facets and stakeholders. Graphene is just one of many facets.

Bottom line: Citizens have been experimented on, injured, maimed & killed, by their governments with warning.

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The Vaccinated Are To Be Judged By The Sickness

Of Their Behavior In Society Among Us.

Their Physical Suffering Is Not The Issue.

Their Own Government

Used Their Own Minds Against Them.

If You're Not On That

Your Own Government

Will Use Them Against You.


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I think Trump was referring to Chlorine Dioxide.

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Thank you for your expertise and for bringing together these citations ~ a very much needed focus on this GO thread, too often surprisingly disregarded and diminished (in the past, for example derision by some toward La Quinta Columna for reasons not readily evident). These things lesser known should be magnified, not dismissed, but instead more closely analyzed, applying critical thinking (pun intended ~ love your Thursday shows). Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Tenpenny.

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I follow a practitioner, Dr Ana also, and her focus is not on graphene, but on the hydrogel. After listening to her, the hydrogel is most worrisome to me. Many of the ingredients are toxic, but the hydrogel is what is causing the big rubbery 'clots' pulled out of the veins. She has done a lot of examination and experimenting on vaccinated and unvaccinated blood and finds hydrogel in both. She uses EDTA chelation, but it does not remove the hydrogel, but temporarily lowers it, in both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

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