Notice To Jim Jordan and The Supreme Court Regarding Where the CDC Was

Granted Power to Vote on Anything Affecting We, The People


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The purpose is to review scientific data and vote on vaccine recommendations. Meetings are open to the public and available online via live webcast.

How to Submit a Written Public Comment:

Any member of the public can submit a written public comment to ACIP. Written comments must be received by October 20, 2022, identified by Docket No. CDC-2022-0111 using the Federal eRulemaking Portal ( http://www.regulations.gov/ ). Follow the instructions for submitting comments. All submissions received must include the agency name and Docket Number.

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Gender identity is based on the experiment of John Money with a lot of ethical issues who surround this case study - see https://lca-psychology.weebly.com/dr-money-the-case-of-bruce-reimer.html

Transgender modification using hormones is the same kind of experiment but at the larger scale.

The fate of the two brothers is a huge warning.

Better for the human beings is to learn from this tragedy

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This push for sex change and mutilation for children is insane and criminal. Not only that, they want to arrest and send to prison parents who try to oppose this. We all have to take a stand. Silence is consent. I do not consent.

Tucker Carlson: This should be a crime -- it's dark and horrifying


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AB2098 - Senator PAN again! Nazi SS Dr Josef Mengele, Angel of Death - Dr Richard Pan

Richard Pan has to be neutralized!

Senator PAN RAN when confronted by the VaxXed filmmakers 2:39 min https://youtu.be/KzvhgikbQUI

Richard Pan's Lies on SB277 https://youtu.be/caiCn57RNFc 2:13

¨Josef Mengele, the infamous doctor of Auschwitz, referred to as the "Angel of Death," selected arriving prisoners on the platform at Auschwitz for the gas chambers or incarceration. He also chose prisoners for medical experiments conducted by him and other camp " doctors ." Read More https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/josef-mengele

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This is shocking news from California!! Our TRUE health practitioners and parents MUST educate themselves and STAND UP - this is NO time to be silent. This will NOT go away 🙏

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Deeply disturbing! 😣 Thanks for the information Dr. Tenpenny.

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Thank you, Dr. Tenpenny! I’d like to share a cartoon I posted on this horrific topic: https://open.substack.com/pub/annecantstandit/p/big-pharma-momma?r=7f8gy&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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