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I want to introduce a concept. A disruptive one. I hope you like it.

Smartphones are literally TV.

There. Mic drop.

They tell us that there is a generational gap: young people don't read newspapers or watch tv, they get all their information (malinformation) online. Preferably, using the smartphone. Therefore, the same people who made TV unwatchable moved to take over the Internet and make it unwatchable too. The young people are as bad informed as if they watched TV all day.

Therfore, there is a chance that the "new beliefs" of the newer generations are as immutable and unfounded as the beliefs of the older generations.

I know, too pessimistic.

I accept debates on this concept.

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Americans are very proud. Maybe that’s why it is so hard for them to change their minds.

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I talked my parents out of the booster. But as always they got the flu shot. 😕

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I took an English Comp class in high school, and was blessed with a curriculum based around learning rhetorical figures of speech (metaphor, simile, hyperbole, oxymoron, and many less well known). We had to find examples in magazines or newspapers and cut them out. That made us process the figures of speech internally, not just memorize a definition. It was a "sneaky" way to introduce critical thinking, as in "what are they really saying," and opened us up to ask "is this a trick to manipulate the way I think about something?" Years later when I figured out what that teacher had been up to, I went looking for a book that took a similar approach to figures of speech (or the principles of rhetoric) and came to appreciate just how rare was the kind of teaching I had received. I could not find a single book that did the topic justice--only academic treatises that missed the practical point entirely.

I wish there were more sneaky teachers like that, who helped us pierce the veil and reveal how we are being programmed to think.

Now when a new "event" such as the war in Ukraine or COVID comes along, I immediately set up two columns in my mind: A) This is the official story and B) The underlying story/a deeper look. I now find there is ALWAYS another side to the story. Over time I have developed resources that I trust. Critical Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P has become one of my go to sources for filling out Column B. I also have a mental list of sources I can depend on to be broadcasting something so far from the truth that I can start out by assuming that exactly the opposite is likely to be true (CNN for example).

Money and power interests usually have an agenda they want hidden from the public mind, with a cover story we are not only supposed to believe, but to become emotionally invested in. The Network, or TNI, or the White House spokesperson, will tell us why we should cheer for the team they are putting on the field (a tip of the hat to Dr. P and his sports news).

Early on in the "cultural programming" process I try to sort out enough of what's really going on so that I can feed better resources to those who might listen to me--and indeed, over the life cycle of the Fairy Tale we are being fed, I find people are less interested, more set in their belief patterns, harder to reach--even when it becomes clear to me that the stakes are high, as they have been with the PlanDemic. Some people I can never reach.

I remember how with the COVID substory about early trearment--where we were fed the clear lie that only a vax could save us--I caught the initial press conference of America's Frontline Doctors who were already working with Iver and HCQ. It left me speechless when a very dear friend (a classmate, and fellow acupuncturist, with training in clinical research methodology) bit on the media trope that the doctor from Haiti was into black magic. She could not get past that character assassination--and ironically a racist smear--and the way it painted all the people in that group, and thus she was convinced that the message they carried, should be ignored.

How do we train and deploy more sneaky teachers?

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Tv is mind poison and social media is just as bad.

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Thanks for this great information Dr. T. Confirmation Bias is very interesting. Narcissistic psychopaths now have a multiple avenues, e.g., social media, cell phones, and TV to continue reinforcement of false narratives to millions of people contributing to confirmation bias.

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In my view, this article by Dr. Tenpenny is one of the most valuable, important and pertinent reports I've read for a long, long time. Oh, how I wish I could put this article before tens of thousands of people today. Which people? The very ones Dr. Tenpenny mentioned in this article: "... [the] people [who] are still wearing [masks] and muzzling their kids ..." and "... [the] people (especially Americans) [who] are still lining up to get their boosters."

But, you know what? Barring some kind of miracle, I'll never be able to reach those people, and, anyway, those people wouldn't listen to me even if I could.

But I thank Dr. Tenpenny for this message just the same.

And that's not all: Since July and August, 2020, I've been working and investing my own personal money on a project which is intended precisely for purpose of reaching all those people. A whole group of people who I was trying to encourage to join me in this project all abandoned me. So I'm just forging ahead with it all by myself.

And now after about 2 1/2 years of preparation, the project is almost ready to be launched. I'm expecting to bring it public next spring, in April.

Be on the lookout for me.

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Sheeple will do sheeple things.. regardless of evidence of contrary.

You can't fix stupid, or rather, you can't fix programming instilled from childhood via television and fake school system..

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Yes and the government has been lying forever. Watch trust ultra, trust Naomi on Bitchute and WTF up, but many cannot. You cannot awaken the spiritually dead.


I hope you are awake enough to hear truth.

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Thank you, Dr. Tenpenny for this perspective! It is timely and so "Right-On"!

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GOD bless you Dr. Tenpenny - you are a true TRUTH Warrior who gives me HOPE knowing I'm not alone. GOD is the wind beneath your wings ...

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Fascinating. Thank you.

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I find it funny that after I got done reading this I read my horoscope and I just find a comical because this is the horoscope I was given today.

"Taurus horoscope for Saturday Nov 19

Do people change? That is certainly an age-old question, Taurus - and it may be one that you are thinking about right now. If someone's core character is honorable and authentic, then they can change or refine their traits and habits to become a better, or the best, version of themselves. But it isn't up to you or anyone else to do that. If someone you know has expressed a genuine desire to change something to become a better person, maybe they can - but they are the ones that have to do it. It has to come from within, and you need to let this happen without external pressure."

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Unfortunately, I was told today by my daughter that one of her 16 yr. old classmates died of a heart attack. My daughter said that he had severe asthma and that caused his heart attack. My guess is the jab. I was wondering if you or anyone else on the feed could answer a few questions. Could an asthma attack cause a heart attack? And if so how common is it that? And how do I best explain this? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks to all that I've learned over the course of the last ten years or so from the likes of Drs. Tenpenny and Humphries, back when all of this COVID "vaccine" nonsense was first getting started my immediate reaction was, "Oh, God, here we go again."

Anyway, it would be interesting to see some research on how susceptibility to this kind of what I like to call "frozen thinking" correlates with one or more measures of personality type. The system I happen to know best (not to imply that it is really "scientific" or even the best one available) is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). My guess would be that those who are most likely to quickly come to a "conclusion" and adamantly stick to it regardless of new and better information becoming available are one of what the MBTI calls the eight (out of sixteen) "Judging" types. I personally happen to be a textbook case of one of the eight "Perceiving" types, in particular an INTP which is well described at http://www.personalitypage.com/html/INTP.html. My guess would be that CDC director Walensky is a hard core example of the diametrically opposed ESFJ, especially as described under the the rubric "Potential Problem Areas" at http://www.personalitypage.com/html/ESFJ_per.html.

I just discovered this Substack channel from a re-posting of this article on the Epoch Times. Already being familiar with Dr. Tenpenny's decades of work in this field I immediately subscribed to her postings here, and will be recommending it to others. It seems likely to me that the vast majority of Dr. Tenpenny's Substack subscribers would be classified as one of the eight MBTI "Perceiving" types.

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