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Thank you. I am praying as you seek Christ with all your heart, mind soul and strength.

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Keep the Faith. Keep Giving 'em hell. Happy New Year!

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Thank you for your faith and service to God.

I knew the same thing when it all started as well. Many things have been shown to us also. All the different things that the "church" throughout supports in different areas. Such as socialist BLM, abortion, Covid vaccine and the other things that went along with our freedoms. God exposed many things throughout all of this. I don't see just the darkness. Light has exposed many things hidden in the dark. It has even caused some churches to break away due to the abortion issue. I pray for our nation and the world.

God Bless you and your work!!

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Dr. Tenpenny you truly are an Angel of Mercy. You are loved and respected by many and your courage to stand in the light through all this darkness, in my mind, gives you Angel status. May the good Lord lead you to the rear end of the satanist so you (we) can all bite them in the ass❤️💯💪🏼🙏🏻

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Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for your incredible courage and for your undying faith.

If only I had followed you at the start of this farce. I had only heard your name in passing and I didn’t believe in anti-vaxxers. I got two shots before I awoke to all the lies (lies about all vaccines and healthcare in general). It’s been a journey to say the least to forgive myself and to trust in our Lord again.

I feel I can be a voice for the truth since I got the shots - I can speak about it from a different perspective - having believed the lies at the start. I’ve lost many friends and more profoundly, the relationship with my two brothers and their families. But I trust what Romans 8:28 says. That’s what sustains me.

And I am so very grateful that your practice is only 30 minutes from my home. I am blessed to be a patient of Dr. Clapper’s who I trust and respect.

I hope to meet you one day. You have my utmost respect. God bless you.

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Stay strong Dr. Tenpenny. God is on our side and we win. From Genesis to Revelation 22. This is His battle and we are in the mist of it. God is using you in so many ways. I’m amazed at your talents that the Lord has blessed you with. You are a real trooper.

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I’ve known for a long time that we are in a battle against satan. The more people who turn to God, the stronger we will be. God bless you Dr. Sherri. You are doing His work and gathering more soldiers to His army. Thank you for your tireless efforts. 🙏✝️

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Quit sending this stuff to my email. Ii never requested it and it is very difficult to unsubscribe!

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You have been sowing seeds for a very long time. Albeit a long time, look out and see the abundance of blossoms due to your relentless heart and work. God Bless you.

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Back in 2020 when I began to research what was going on with "covid-19", a Christian friend from high school (I'm now 65) pointed me to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Dr Tenpenny confirmed what I suspected and I literally set out trying to let as many people know as I could, i.e. "carpetbomb the neighborhood". God bless you, Dr. Tenpenny. Continued prayers for your strength and guidance. 

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In Jesus name we pray, GOD bless you!

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Your message this morning is a gift. I think it was 365 times Christ said: Do not be afraid. This is my resolution, Dr. Tenpenny, as well as doing whatever possible to convey to those awakening to terror.

God Bless & keep you safe. With love...

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Happy New Year!

Satan does not have the power to do anything.

He only can influence those that their hearts remain unsecured by GOD Himself.

It is only humans that can choose to do evil. All the good that we do is from GOD, but all of the evil is because of our choices and not Satan giving us anything.

Satan asked GOD for respite until the Day of Judgement and said he will lead as many as he can into hell.

Satan and his minions are doing the Will of GOD by by doing this.

They are putting those of faith to the ultimate test.

Those of the strongest of faith understood that the vaccines were evil and not of GOD.

Only GOD can protect us from death, not man.

We all have the choice of limited free will and at times, because we choose our will instead of listening to GOD, it gets us in trouble.

Choosing the vaccine was one of these times people were not listening to GOD and the result is most likely an early demise( a mercy from GOD for the wrong choice)in the best case scenario.

Those of us who continue to fight and remain PUREBLOODS, still have GOD's work to do and what this is remains to be seen.

Another test of true faith in GOD is sure to come soon and we will lose more this time than the last because this trial is getting harder on purpose.

IMO, GOD is choosing His army to fight them with what we see.

We must always remember, that never has an army assembled that fought for GOD against His enemies upon earth been defeated.

Even with the most over whelming odds against them, they prevailed because they chose to follow what GOD showed them instead of their own free will.

May GOD bless all of you and continue to guide and protect you through this trial into 2023

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So beautiful. I’m glad to be a part in this, as devastating and tragic as it is, we are called.

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Amen Sister ❤️

What an amazing reflection .

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