as many knew of the plandemic for many years and were waiting for the planned SPARS 2025, but the bankers went early with their "reset"

(riːˈsɛt IPA Pronunciation Guide)

Word forms: -sets, -setting or -set


1. to receive or handle (goods) knowing they have been stolen


(ˈriːˌsɛt IPA Pronunciation Guide)

2. the receiving of stolen goods

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Dr. Tenpenny, placing myself in the shoes of those who "secretly know" but are too scared to admit that, I think we must remember them in prayer. Once the full force of this truth becomes apparent to the "thinking public", their awakening is bound to be traumatic. Yes, they will experience one or all four stages of Dr. Kubler-Ross' "Death and Dying". I pray that they might be given the courage to continue from the "denial" stage, all the way to "acceptance". That is possible only if they turn to God in Faith, and with Hope in Him whose plan for them is Peace. Amen. Thank you for this post!!! Mary Korda, Toronto

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You're right, Mary. It's going to be traumatic. I think the tyrants are hoping millions (billions?) will be so sick - or dead - that when they finally wake from their Coma of Denial, they won't have the physical ability to fight back.

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It’s amazing who rejects the narrative and who don’t… I find tradies with little academic knowledge wiser than educated people, they smell a rat… but many just accept and don’t want to look or think about it… they just want to get on with their happy lives….and they don’t look ahead to see what’s coming as a result of this charade…captivity…a surveillance life where your freedoms are restricted..

The Holy Spirt spoke to me within a few days in March 2020 that it was a con.. along with the evidence from the Diamonds princess…

But so many people have no idea about disease, medication, numbers and their limits… I work with plants but the principles are similar and when you see well established principles violated it’s grates ..,

Ultimately people need the gospel but what your doing combining both is great..

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....and that's the difference isn't it? Connection with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Grateful the veil was lifted from your eyes early on. thank you for sharing.

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At the height of the pandemic, the United Nations recruited over 100,000 “digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on COVID via social media.


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I took a Philosophy course as an undergrad at BGSU which used Dr. Kubler-Ross' book as our textbook. Hoping soon we can hear truth on MSM and begin to see the promised healing technologies restore our people.

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These are , IMO the most important issues to be educated about and know how to protect yourself, not always easy.

1. This 'newer' Congress has about 10 weeks left to stop the planned enslavement of our money and our lives in two ways. The executive order JBiden signed on March 9, 22, with absolutely NO ONES approval but his own, is set to be put into place in the USA. It/the Gov will have it 'digitalized' and programmed in order to control every purchase, and everything you buy, and if you don't comply they will take measures to 'punish' you, which can also include death. Via Satellilte radiation pulsations , dumps, brain mapping, etc. This is real. People are not prepared.

You can get more info at pro.paradigmnewsletters.org, , JIm Rickards advisor to pentagon, cia, etc.. very financially astute, has started a counter attack showing people how to invest in thngs are are about to skiy rocket, and get out quickly. He is making money and his pals, and I don't see how this will help when our own financial system fails completely. I think he is trying to shore it up and make money, I dont know if it will save anythng besides him. He hates Biden. Which it technically already has. Gold and Silver are skyrocketing, the wealthy are buying it up , banks are closing and others have none to sell.

BRICS stands for the countries that are joingin together to stop the USA (dollar, or any currency) and the EU.. it stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, + 180 countries and last week Saudia Arabia Joined CCP ie China. They are intent on destroying the rest of our countries. The world and our own financial system has been really up and down, changes, etc.. it is beginning to settle some, ours is about to shock most people, with complete control.. UNLESS the newer members of Congress Top this process at once. It does not seem likely, but could happen. Brazil , and MANY cities in China, people are unusually risking their lives, to protest and break free to some freedom at least. Just as China applauds itself and the 'exact model' for society, that Biden is trying to emulate, starting with control over our banks and money. SECOND issue of MOST importance and final 'control ' enslavement issue, is MIND/BRAIN control.

It is far more advanced than most people realize. This fits with the psychopaths agenda, WEF, Klaus Schwab, and his pals, and the Biden/Obama agenda.

They are deliberately advancing methods to de populate, some of the things mentioned here already, but not all. yes, 5G,+6G EMF.. For radiation killing of citizens , going on in the USA as well, simply any one who is disagreeing with their agenda, beliefs, etc (Biden in his psychosis and psychopathy, rants, videos on his 'Stalin stage in deep red and armed guards', etc.. Here are some web sites, to understand better the capabilities on Brain Mapping.. it can be used to 'help' in psychiatry, but used most often now by the USA gov and other govs, to kill, torture, maime.. etc.. for ANY reason.. you say or do the wrong thing, they are on you. This is already happening, to people who KNOW there is a cure for Covid 19, and Vaccines are KILLING people , strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, etc, because the Gov owned Spike Protein gets lodged into each cell and cannot remove/process itself out. The cells heat up ,.without the right help. They are censoring the 'right help' and yes lying. These MDs are the ones to contact for these issues and broke free , with help, after losing their jobs for not wanting to just stand their and watch people die, of covid, because the hospitals/potus and others refused to give out the 6cent /dose cure and blamed the unvaccinated.. lies. Research into this by real researchers , has now advanced to PROVE that ANYONE who took the vaccine or takes the next ones, has already had some degree of heart damage. To find the article/s go here: Covid19criticalcare.com, Or drpierrekory.com,for the one on the spike stuck in cells solutions, go to front page, scroll down to videos, click twice, and on the third page, find the video on AUTOPHAGY.. you will understand it better then. There IS A SOLUTION to this.. These MDs know it, many in hospitals who did not leave, do not know any of this .. There is a lot of important info at that site...

There have been TWO 'deadly' virus that Biden ordered unqualified FAUCI to get someone to make them. The book by Robert F. Kennedy 'The REAL Anthony Fauci..Gates, etc' is much of the story of the Covid censorship, the people who fought for the Cure, and much more. The first virus made was the FINALLY extinct Spanish Flu of the early nineteen hundreds, that killed many people. It is made and 'ready incase we need it...' depopulation.. Where do these people think THEY are going to hide? The second , announced recently ALSO made at our own Mass University and is said to be 80% deadly to mice. Also De population..

Drugs, fentynal, 'climate change', our failing Gov and economy, food, and other things, along with Brain mapping, and Military known and unknowns....

To find a comprehensive explanation on how it works, what they can do, this article is good and is also 35 years behind their current capabilites , search 'remote neural monitoring' a web site called psychvictims comes up.. just click the article, you wont be able to find it in the web site.

SurveillanceIssues.com gives you an outdated idea of wht these are , and they can do much more now, with Satellite phones connected to NEURO phones, that can talk phone to brain, to anyone, and control the extermination codes they call in to get people brain mapped (Langley AFB and other AFB, even EDU's places now and the training going on and newer persons doing this.. Schriever AFB, if you search TARGETEDJUSTICE.com go to latest news and click on the Schriever article. There is a LOT of info at that site on what is happening to USA innocent citizens. Pelosi and Biden spent their /spend their nights calling in torture satellite dumping ,brain mapping, etc. They have said that the entire celebrity population is already brain mapped and controlled, and those in the 'know' say a large portion is also already brain mapped and may not realize it , the goal, everyone, even their own spouses, Congress, etc... and all have what I call 'extermination' codes ready for them to call in. Others can call them in as well, and for any reason, many made up, and over 150 countries will activate the radiation micro waves, dumps, etc. With no questions asked. IT is happening.

It is true they use TV to NSA (national security agency) to record all you are saying in your own home, as well as to brain map people while the watch tv. Also extended computer use is used, and after the initial contact is made to the brain, they can finish it in as little as 3 days, and follow you anywhere you go and when it is complete they can 'see' what you are 'seeing' and what you are saying and record and program all your contacts. They even now are capable of 'mapping' the heat signature of your auto engine, and can follow you with that as well, from satellite.

The POTUS is a pedophile, and sexual sadist against women especially, and Nancy helps with all this, sounding just as sadist and threatening. . hey pick people out, and uses the neuro phones to threaten rape, death, mutillation, and capable of 'imprinting' naked pics of himself, SNUFF movies of women being exterminated, and much more INTO DIRECTLY INTO your brain, at any time, and usually do this while you sleep, which wakes one immediately, and shocks the brain and stuns the person.. for quite a period of time. These images can be made into videos with their own content and use of your own family, to manually stimulate your brain sexual areas and make you feel like , without controllng it, that you are having sex or sexual responses to anything and anyone, he likes to make people feel like he does, about his abuse of his own children (ALL of his perversions, and everyting have been already reported publically to the Secret Service , the White house staff, Obama, et al, his wife,The FBI, the CIA, the ATF, rabbis, Pastors, and he says he doesnt think there is anything wrong with it. He enjoys it and so did his son.. and he has grandchildren.. no one is protecting. This is all public knowledge and he has stated many things publically. He, they continually threaten people simply for the pleasure, he enjoys it. Many people have been damaged. It is ongoing as this is written. If you want important projects, and to help save our country on all fronts, get involved. These are all outrageous acts of violence, breaking all laws (the lawless ones in the 'end times' Biblical') harming and killing millions, and they don't intend to stop. New 'vaccines' coming up for everything. The Dr. R.Malone invented MRNA, and says don't take anymore vaccines. Prevention is well listed on several MD sites, including, the ones above, Mercola.com , MD's on these lists, Pescatore, LaGuardia, Ralph, and other sites.

KNOW who you are voting for. Vote these people out.

Breggin.com is a psychiatrist and group of them that wrote 'We are their their Prey' The Psychopaths taking over the world. They have also been feverishly fighting for you , us and our country. Join all us involved in this endeavor. Or we won't have one.

Good God, True God of the Bible says, 'Don't let yourselves become enslaved'.. not to ANYONE nor ANYTHING (drugs, etc)...

We can't let ourselves become slaves.. it is 10 weeks away.. put pressure on all of Congress, make mention of these issues and others important to you. Make plans on what you will do, and how you will survive.

I hope the PEOPLE will do what we must, it is almost too late. This is NOT who we are. Good Gods Grace on all of us. We will need it.

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Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for your commitment to TRUTH. A lie repeated does NOT make it true. I thank GOD my eyes have been opened from the beginning. This is psychological/spiritual warfare - your articles give me HOPE, as I know I'm not alone. Our GOD lives in the TRTUH & the Light of Truth will come to pass. GOD is the wind beneath your wings . . .

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First ,thank you for your great courage! Just watched the film " Brilliantly Difficult" about cartoonist Bob Moran on the World cCouncil for Health and Ed Dowd's website "They Lied People died". Now I am convinced that C.J. Hopkins was correct when he stated that the vax establishment is a fanatical ideological movement, representing a global totalitarian cult.

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Thank you for this Dr. Sherri. I still go back and forth from anger to acceptance. And I’ve been awake for over a year now. At times I’m at the depression stage. But my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and his promises give me comfort and hope. God bless you.

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'Died Suddenly' Chromecasts directly from this site. Might be handy to get it onto tv screen with no fuss.


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They have been exposing themselves to us since they began 70 years ago and especially since event 201.

Why? To let us know that they own everything, our governments, military, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, education, etc. They want us to submit and obey when we see we cannot fight against them all.

They just forgot about God.

They are fighting against God and will not win. He can even heal the sick and raise the dead, literally.

Remember those dry bones?

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Fauci is a fraud.

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I just spoke with a doctor on the phone about you and others. She is going to talk to you about it. Please email me after. Mike

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I think we all have a story to tell. Thank you.

Yes, I have a broken heart.

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I keep thinking if one of my unawakened friends asked me why I didn’t take the jab (they don’t) I wouldn’t know where to start. It’s probably a three hour conversation with me doing all the talking.

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I even said as much to one of them who was making me out to be a gullible conspiracy theorist. Lifelong friends -- decades -- and so I said, "I have arrived at this point of view after having looked into this topic (vaccines and Big Pharma) for about a decade. This is way prior to COVID and not a new thing; I'm not 'falling for Russian propaganda.' Before this, as you know, I was very conventional in my thinking. Are you interested in hearing what it was that caused me to change my mind?"

The answer was to roll her eyes and exit quickly. Really frustrating and horribly sad.

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Dr. Tenpenny, I mentioned in my last report that attempting to get Substack doctors to discuss profiting off a genocide was like running into a brick wall. Maybe I rent a bulldozer. I’m still waiting to here back from a few, one of them is you. I really like this post. I was going to like it until I found a link to your newest business adventure selling clothes. I buy all my clothes second hand. It’s still expensive for me. Old worn Levi’s $15.59. Email me please. Thanks Mike.

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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 26, 2022Author

Everything I write is posted for free. Each substack takes me several (sometimes many hours to research and write!). There is no paywall and they can be freely shared.

Donations are always optional. I accept them as a 'thank you' for my time and effort.

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massive shout out to you Dr Sherri, there are few who value their own words so highly as to make them free. I salute you.

My substack will never be monitised, other platforms for other purposes but we need an easy access portal for people. Of course there are no promises those who write also read but a portal is good without a paywall.

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